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Album 「Re:vibe」 2013-12-09 Release! Lyric PDF Free download OK.

New album 「Re:vibe」
December 9, 2013 Release!!
All lyric PDF free download OK, Check it now!!
※Add to english translation of all songs!!

I just want to be loved がイメージソングの恋愛ボイスドラマ「モテ期、負け犬」配信中!→ <ボイスドラマ>モテ期、負け犬

  1. Straing of the moon
  2. Eclipse
  3. That's the way no need to you(music PV)
  4. I just want to be loved(music PV)
  5. There is no everlasting night
  6. I'll remember you
  7. Gray hued sky
  8. Cry'n heart
  9. Anotherside
  10. Do remember our memories
  11. Seed of faith
  12. In the filtered sunlight
  13. Last poem